(29 MARCH 2020)
Updated information by WCPT on COVID-19.

(17 MARCH 2020)
The Executive Committee of IPPTA is very aware of the impact and effects of this pandemic on private physiotherapy Practitioners globally.  These effects are impacting on the health of private physiotherapists, on human resources, as well emotionally  and  financially .  We congratulate each and everyone in the private sector for the responsible and professional manner that private practitioners are taking in their approach to this pandemic.  We urge that in each country / region / city / community, all private practitioners needs to follow procedures and policies issued by their government and perhaps tailor made by the professional associations that fit their own unique situation as there is no  guideline that will fit all.

We appeal to all private practice owners to be part of #PTGlobalUnite and be vigilant on containing the pandemic.  We need to unite  as a professional group that corrects the misinformation that is placed on social media and, be part of a global PT community that unites  in sharing protocols, procedures and business tips to assist and share information on how to cope with the situation.

For general and updated information visit the World Health Organisation (WHO) website (https://www.who.int).  It is also advised to follow the issued information of the national governments in relation to country specific details and procedures.

I therefore invite you to share this post with your professional organisation and all private physiotherapy practitioners.  IPPTA will be sharing information regular on the following social media platforms: www.private.physio and on Facebook:  facebook.com/ipptaworld/.  Email information, tips, protocols etc.  that you or your organisation wish to share on these platforms to ippta@private.physio.  All information will be factually verified before shared or posted.

The way we fight this “global war without guns” will define our subgroup in the future.  Be vigilant and critical on the containment of this pandemic in the short term but stay optimistic for the long term.


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