Better Together – Internationally

Invest in your team and inspire greatness BY ANGELA WILSON PENNISI, PT, DPT, MS The message sent on July 22, 2021, was brief, “Third wave in Malawi, situation rapidly becoming critical.” I was two months into my appointment as APTA Private Practice’s Member Organization Representative to the International Private Physiotherapy Association (IPPTA) and immediately remembered […]

State Payer Advocacy Resource Center

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the Private Practice Section (PPS) have recently collaborated in the creation of the State Payer Advocacy Resource Center or SPARC. These resources have been compiled to support physical therapists in fighting Utilization Management companies and their administratively burdensome preauthorization requirements that limit patient access to physical therapist care. Learn more about the history of Utilization Management […]

2022 Business Meeting

Time for all IPPTA member organisations to PAUSE, REFLECT and ENAGE on matters pertaining to private physiotherapy practice. 28-29 September 2022 at the Crown Promenade Hotel, Melbourne.

Care-pathways and the legalisation of blended physiotherapy.

The focus of Belgian physiotherapy is currently on several important subjects. Two of the most recent subjects are care-pathways and the legalisation of blended physiotherapy. Here follows an explanation on both: Care pathways: To provide ample care for specific (usually long-term or chronic) conditions, the government is currently developing care-pathways. When patients meet certain conditions, […]


From KGNF Netherlands IPPTA has requested the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF) to provide an update on their work in the Netherlands. We will focus us on the program “Systeemadvies” which was initiated in 2016. Every citizen of the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out medical health insurance. The Netherlands differentiates between […]

The American Physical Therapy Association’s

From APTA (PPS) The American Physical Therapy Association’s Private Practice Section is committed to engaging with the international community of physical therapists in business and supports IPPTA as forum for sharing best practices and driving the profession of physiotherapy forward globally, together.  While we all have much to share on outcomes and demonstrating our value […]


COVID-19 is taking its toll on the world, causing tens of thousands of deaths, illnesses, and has pushed major economies into a tailspin.  The pandemic is a human tragedy and has a growing impact on the global economy. Beyond those impacts, almost all of us will face psychological challenges – trying to maintain a responsible social distancing regimen without sliding […]


(29 MARCH 2020)Updated information by WCPT on COVID-19. (17 MARCH 2020)The Executive Committee of IPPTA is very aware of the impact and effects of this pandemic on private physiotherapy Practitioners globally.  These effects are impacting on the health of private physiotherapists, on human resources, as well emotionally  and  financially .  We congratulate each and everyone in the […]