Finnish technology is renowned for being innovative and safe. At CTN.FI we are proud to call these values our own. And as people of the land with more winter than any other season, we really know about cold!

CTN.FI is a global high tech company that was founded in 2013 and is specialised in the manufacturing of cryotherapy equipment and recovery technologies.

CTN products have been sold to over 40 countries worldwide. In the last 24 months over 200 (clinics, hospitals, sports teams, physiotherapists) in Finland alone have acquired CTN’s newest product – the X°CRYO™. For more information please visit

Unlock the Potential of Your Physiotherapy Practice with Painless Practice

Painless Practice envision a future where physiotherapists not only deliver exceptional care but also thrive as confident entrepreneurs, finding joy and fulfilment in their work. Whether you’re a private clinic owner or part of a supporting membership organization, they will empower you to achieve your goals and build the practice or organisation you desire.

 The key areas of support offered are: 

  • Practice / Organisational growth and development
  • Leadership skills 
  • Getting the right time / energy / money balance 
  • Exit strategy planning

Their approach is centered around three key principles:

Transformation over transaction:

You will receive guidance that focuses on your long-term vision while making informed decisions in the short term. They will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and achieve transformative results.

Cultivating Genuine Connections:

Through their extensive network of experts and resources, they can connect you with valuable insights, innovative ideas, and trusted suppliers. Whether you need business templates, assistance with team recruitment, or introductions to reliable service providers like accountants and web developers, they have you covered.

Candid, No-Nonsense Guidance:

Honesty, respect, and genuine concern are at the core of their approach. They provide professional feedback tailored to your specific goals, even if it means delivering uncomfortable truths. Their commitment to radical candor ensures that you receive the guidance you need to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting success.

Painless Practice


Painless Practice offer bespoke 1-2-1 support, both in person and online as well as online and in person events covering a variety of topics such as financial, marketing, team management and retention, time management, customer journey etc.