Finnish technology is renowned for being innovative and safe. At CTN.FI we are proud to call these values our own. And as people of the land with more winter than any other season, we really know about cold!

CTN.FI is a global high tech company that was founded in 2013 and is specialised in the manufacturing of cryotherapy equipment and recovery technologies.

CTN products have been sold to over 40 countries worldwide. In the last 24 months over 200 (clinics, hospitals, sports teams, physiotherapists) in Finland alone have acquired CTN’s newest product – the X°CRYO™. For more information please visit

PhysioTrack / PhysioTools

Physiotools and Physitrack, two of the world’s leading home exercise prescription and patient engagement providers have merged under the Physitrack Group. With a Physitrack and Physiotools combined service, we provide easy-to-access tools which help clinicians and patients stay connected. Those tools include Home exercise prescription, Education, Outcomes, Integrated Telehealth, and Pain and Adherence Tracking – patients securely view these programs via free web and mobile applications (or print if needed). 

Some of the benefits of using Physitrack:

  • Engage your clients with our 8700+ exercises, narrated HD videos and pre-made templates.
  • Provide exercises programs and training schedules via email, PhysiApp or on paper
  • Send client educational information
  • Eliminate cancellations and generate revenue using Telehealth
  • Enhance your offering using free client apps and outcomes analysis.
  • Our free and easy-to-use patient reported outcomes tools let you collect outcome measure data in real-time as your clients complete their outcome measures easily inside the free PhysiApp client app


Physitrack integrates with many practice management systems (PMS).  Open your patient records in Physitrack, directly from your PMS, and automatically copy prescribed exercise programs to your PMS, saving you time and preserving data integrity between platforms.

Blue Zinc

Blue Zinc IT is a technology company in the health industry, specialising in improving, connecting and automating the musculoskeletal and talking therapies arenas. We produce solutions for all parts of the market, from funders to practitioners.

Blue Zinc IT was formed in 2002, starting off as an integration consultancy company. This means Blue Zinc has a strong record of delivering complex, corporate solutions.

In 2003, we purchased the rights to an ageing physiotherapy practice management system, Time Machine, together with around 50 paying customers. In consultation with those customers, we completely re-built the system from the ground up and TM2 was born. Many versions later, and in its latest, web based offering, TM3 remains the core product of the Blue Zinc IT suite with over 10,000 practitioners now using the software over many continents.

We also brought many other innovations to the market on the back of TM2 and TM3. The first live online patient appointment booking service in the industry. The first MSK specific touch screen electronic notes also followed. Secure, off site data hosting and a host of other features gained us recognition by some of the largest players in the market, as well as our strategic partnership with Physio First.