IPPTA represents worldwide physiotherapists working in the private sector.


The essential commitment of IPPTA is to encourage and enhance the development and advancement of private physiotherapy practice globally.

The International Private Physiotherapy Association (IPPTA) is a non-governmental affiliation of Private Practice Organisations of National Physiotherapy Associations. It is a collaboration of international independent physiotherapy practitioners.

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IPPTA Newsletter 1 June 2020

     Newsletter 1 June […]

UPDATE – Global Impact of COVID-19 on Private Physiotherapy Practices.

(29 MARCH 2020)
Updated information […]

IPPTA Members newsletter 2020

Dear IPPTA Members
I trust […]

IPPTA Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023

The International Private […]


Thank you to every […]

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Introducing Malawi

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Physiotherapy profession in Malawi is fairly young. However, with establishment of training programme for physiotherapists at BSc level in 2010, the profession is fast growing. Because of being fairly new, […]

Private Practice Devision of CPA

Hello from Canada, the true north strong, free and cold!  Generally, when people think of Canada they think of mountains. What most people don’t know is that Canada has a very vast and diverse landscape.  While we do have mountains […]

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) continues to advocate to the Australian government and compensable bodies on a range of issues.

We are fast learning that we need to continually work strategically in both the community and political arena to ensure that Physiotherapy is seen as one of the major contributors to providing conservative, evidence based and good outcome treatment […]

Registration of Physiotherapists in Austria

The registration started on July 1st2018 in a partially public directory. This directory contains selected data of all professionals who are authorized to practice physiotherapy in Austria. The registration, as well as the completed training or, if applicable, the […]


Worldwide a large proportion of physiotherapists work in the private sector, but very little is known about the differences and the similarities of the organisations within which they practice and the driving forces affecting this sector.  It is important […]

Digitisation in Belgian Physiotherapy

In the coming years the Belgian professional association “Axxon, Physical Therapy in Belgium” will focus on the digitisation of the practice for physiotherapy, with first the rollout of the electronic physiotherapy health record. The aim is that by mid-2020 […]

Why you should attend the PPS conference after the IPPTA meeting!

Private Practice Section, APTA
The Private Practice Section is one of 18 specialty sections within the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Its nearly 3,000 members own, operate, or work in a private practice setting. 
The mission of PPS is to champion […]

“Press release” – South African Society Of Physiotherapy

Who should decide what medical treatment you need?
What guarantees would we have of the quality, efficacy and safety of our health care if decisions on treatment were made by professionals who are not trained for this, or as a […]


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