Private Practice Devision of CPA

Private Practice Devision of CPA

Hello from Canada, the true north strong, free and cold!  Generally, when people think of Canada they think of mountains. What most people don’t know is that Canada has a very vast and diverse landscape.  While we do have mountains on both sides of the country, the middle is a predominantly empty prairie which is magnificent in its own way.  Our healthcare system is as diverse as the land. The Canada Healthcare Act is mandated by the federal government and sets out what core services the provinces must provide.  However how and what additional services that might be covered is left to the 10 provinces to determine independently.  Physiotherapy is not a core service and so some provinces provide publicly funded physiotherapy, and some do not. All negotiations of physiotherapy fees and services is done at the provincial level and not at the federal level which makes it difficult for national associations to directly influence service provision.  So what role does this leave for the Private Practice Division (PPD) which is a subgroup to the national Canadian Physiotherapy Association?  It leaves PPD primarily with the role of education of the public on the value of physiotherapy, education of members on business issues and advocacy of the value of physiotherapy.

Over half of all physical therapists in Canada own or work in a private practice. PPD works hard to develop programs and education materials that cross the broad spectrum of physical therapists in private practice.   A quick look at our website: reveals education material designed for every aspect of the business of physical therapy.  PPD has developed programs for new clinic owners – how to get started, middle clinic owners – how to grow your business and exiting clinic owners – how to position your business for the best sale.  We also have material for clinicians is all stages of their career from the newbies to the well-experienced.

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The above is just a small example of what PPD is offering members to help improve their business practice and increase the profitability of their clinics.

Another role of the PPD is to assist the Canadian Physiotherapy Association with advocacy.  The healthcare system in Canada is facing a number of issues which are impacting access and funding of physiotherapy.  Our population is aging, technology is increasing along with people’s expectation of what the healthcare system can deliver, and the tax base is decreasing.  Many provinces have dropped funding for physiotherapy in private clinics and many hospitals have significantly reduced services. Sunlife Insurance company has recently removed physiotherapists as an authorized prescriber of orthotics.  These are just a few of the issues that PPD is a partner in, in advocating for the efficiency and effectiveness of physiotherapy and maintaining our position in the healthcare system.  It has always been of benefit to be able to look to the International community to find answers and solutions to the issues in Canada.

Thank you to our fellow countries in IPPTA.

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