IPPTA Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023

IPPTA Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023




The International Private Physical Therapy Association (IPPTA) is a non-governmental association of twenty-two (22) national private physical therapy organisations.  IPPTA is a recognised sub-group of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

The objectives of IPPTA according to article three (3) of the IPPTA constitution are:

  1. To foster co-operation between private physical therapy organisations throughout the world.
  2. To encourage improved standards of private physical therapy practice.
  3. To advance private physical therapy practice by communication and exchange of information.
  4. To encourage research, promote opportunities and develop global knowledge of new developments in the field of private physical therapy practice.
  5. To organise at regular intervals, conferences and seminars on the business of physical therapy in private practice.
  6. To present a profile and representation of physical therapy at an international level.
  7. To support WCPT in representing physical therapy internationally.
  8. To engage in all necessary activities to further the best interests of WCPT.
  9. To encourage the development of national organisations of physical therapy that share the objectives of IPPTA.




  Core Values
Guiding Principles:

The  ethical principles  of WCPT underpin and guide the work of the IPPTA.

·          Cultural awareness and sensitivity

·          Diversity of the profession internationally

·          Financial responsibility and accountability

·          Equitable access to member services

·          Valued and involved staff and volunteers

·          Committed leadership to improved value to the members of IPPTA through ongoing open communication and transparent governance.

Core Purpose
Our Vision:

Empowering Member Organisations to develop and grow by facilitating the provision of high quality autonomous private physical therapy within individual healthcare systems.


·          To present a collective profile and representation of physical therapy at an international level.

·          To be the voice of Private Physical Therapy within WCPT.

·         To help member organisations to assist their members to determine and then compete on value, quality and evidence-based cost effectiveness.








2019 -2023                  Initiatives
·          Retention of current membership of  22-member organisation.

·          Recruitment of 5 new member organisation (MO) with specific focus on South America, Asian-Pacific and Middle east regions of WCPT.

·          Facilitation of shared business -tools, and resources between MO’s.

·          Enhance and develop communication and network platforms for members for sharing of information, relative data and resources for business lobbying and advocacy.

·          Recruitment of new corporate partners and retention of current corporate partners by developing a clear update service offering of IPPTA for these corporate partners

2019 -2023                        Strategic Priorities


1.     The IPPTA Executive will continue developing a framework, for implementing and reviewing the strategic plan and ongoing development of the organisation.

2.     IPPTA will continue to develop and manage a resource database for the use for its member organisations.

3.     The IPPTA Executive will develop communication links between member organisations and create opportunities to meet face to face at Annual Business Meetings.

4.     IPPTA will develop mechanisms to monitor changes in healthcare systems and political healthcare policies as well as professional practice issues on an organisational level and share experiences of such changes within its membership.

5.     IPPTA will seek to generate income through developing strategic alliances for the professional and business benefit of member organisations.



Brand Promise
Independently Together

Value Proposition:

As the official subgroup for private practice of WCPT, IPPTA is the international voice of Private Physical Therapy


IPPTA is an association of private physical therapy WCPT member organisations

International Private Physical Therapy Association                                                                             Strategic Plan   2019 – 2023

Opportunities to Exceed Plan Cultural Determinants Threads to Making Plan
Shared interest and active participation of members and WCPT Core values must continue Lack of resources and financial uncertainty
Increase understanding that old ways are no longer viable Strong leadership to endure even through possible changes in membership and health care environment Lack of focus, urgency and long- term commitment


Lack of participation by members

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