Introducing Malawi

Introducing Malawi

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Physiotherapy profession in Malawi is fairly young. However, with establishment of training programme for physiotherapists at BSc level in 2010, the profession is fast growing. Because of being fairly new, physiotherapy profession in Malawi is not well known to the general public, however Physiotherapy Association of Malawi (PAM) endeavors to raise public awareness about physiotherapy and the services we offer.

By 2018, five cohorts of an average of 30 graduates have completed their training at College of Medicine of University of Malawi. Government as the main employer has employed some of the graduates but majority remain unemployed. Through awareness, PAM is working tirelessly to ensure the private sector recognizes and understands the role of physiotherapy, which in turn may create employment opportunities. PAM also encourages physiotherapists in the country to venture in the entrepreneurship by indulging on private practice. It is however, difficult for PAM to achieve the goal of expanding the private practice sector, due financial and administrative challenges the association is facing. For instance, until now PAM does not have the office structure for its Secretariat and this poses huge challenge to run the professional affairs.  It is therefore our expectations that as a member of IPPTA, Malawi will be able to work in collaboration with other member organizations from the countries with well-established and developed private practice sectors in order as one, to take the physiotherapy private practice in Malawi to the next level of development.  Worth noting is that, apart from South Africa, of all IPPTA 21 member  countries it is only Malawi a low income country from Africa that, is a member of IPPTA. “We take this as an opportunity to grow”

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