Executives - Wilma Erasmus

Wilma Erasmus


Meet the Chair

As a physiotherapy practice owner since 1987, the business of private physiotherapy is close to my heart and one of the driving forces of my involvement in the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP) since 1995 and IPPA since 2011.  As an active working private physiotherapist I am at the coalface of the opportunities and challenges which the members, that the SASP and IPPTA represent, experience every day.

During my committee involvement in the SASP, I had the privilege to serve as chairman of different committees from tariff, peer review, policy, PhysioFocus and also as President of the SASP. It is my opinion that this equipped me with insight into the forces and politics involved within committees.  It also equipped me with the necessary skills to be an effective leader that can focus on the task and deadlines ahead while allowing for the growth and participation of the other committee members.   My involvement in IPPTA since 2005 (first on the nomination committee and then as MO rep on the executive committee) has opened my eyes to the challenges that face an international organization with a private practice membership who has both unique and similar issues and problems.

As chairman of IPPTA my focus for the 4 year term will be:

•    Strategic direction for IPPTA, the aim would be to have a strategic plan with unified goals and timeframes that would enhance IPPTA, build capacity and ensure financial stability within IPPTA.

•    Growth within IPPTA membership.  This will be done by creating added value and support for the existing member organizations (MO) and recruitment, support and mentoring of new MO’s.

•   Empowerment of IPPTA executive committee and MO’s with business and leadership tools to enable them to transfer those skills to improve their own organizations and businesses. I am of the opinion that I do have the experience, insight and knowledge to achieve these.“The purpose of leadership is to change the world around you in the name of your values, so you can live those values more fully.” ― Stan Slap