Executives - Tim Nemeth

Tim Nemeth


Since Amsterdam 2011, I have been the Belgian delegate to the IPPTA regional and general meetings. I have come to appreciate and better understand the importance of an organization such as IPPTA. Especially in the role of the member organization representative of a country, where liberal foundations of private physical therapy practice  are merely surfacing. In the previous years I have met a group of hard working friends who always advocate for private physical therapy. Together we benefit from the joint meetings and learn from each other about the good and the yet to improve matters in the national frameworks.

My efforts for IPPTA will be concentrating on  the necessary controlled growth within the available budget. Only a worldwide cooperation of physical therapy private practitioner’s organizations gives us the empowerment of acting as the representing organization within the WCPT. Furthermore I would like to focus on a more direct and a quick communication platform for the member organization representatives, as sharing information is one of the IPPTA main goals. Long term and ongoing projects are the basis of a continuing development within the organization, but on the spot information could well be very important in negotiations with other stakeholders in the national legal frameworks of our profession.  Therefore I believe that a sensible and wise use of always evolving modern social media and communication forms is something to keep up with. I stated in Amsterdam that as the only worldwide non clinical organization for private physical therapist organizations we do have an increasing important value in this global economic challenging time. Today I strongly believe this is still valid. Whether your country is a pioneer in setting standards for physical therapy or at this moment only benefits from wheels that are already invented, working together (networking)should raise standards for physical therapy for all members.

As the IPPTA Treasurer, together with the entire Executive Committee, I will watch over the opportunities of our organization within the budgetary framework.