Executives - Pam Simpson

Pam Simpson

Vice Chair

Having completed my 4-year term of office as Physio First Chairman at the same time as being elected to the IPPTA executive I feel this is exactly the right time to give my time and energy to our international organisation which has recently become more focussed in our strategic direction.

The world over we are having to demonstrate the evidenced based value of private physiotherapy and by working together our member countries are aiming to share evidence and strategies and to provide a common voice.

During my time at Physio First I lead the rebranding of our organisation and the development of a quality assured kitemark for members based on actual patient outcomes, measured and awarded by a third-party academic institution. This was as a result of many years of standardised data collection.

Data collection comes in many forms with many tools and ways of analysis and our IPPTA member organisations have much to gain from sharing and learning from both the successes and the experienced pitfalls of all member countries.

I am passionate about the ability to demonstrate value and will work together with the rest of our Executive under the leadership of Wilma to promote, encourage, assist and learn from our colleagues around the world. These are exciting times and I am proud to be part of them.