Executives - Margaret Revie

Margaret Revie

Commercial Officer

I have served as the IPPTA Secretary for eight years and in the last two years I have been developing commercial partnerships with companies associated with physical therapy around the world. As I step down from secretary I now take on the role of commercial officer full time. Within IPPTA I see a role for promoting and actively assisting member countries to gather data which will assist each other in promoting the business of private physical therapy in our member countries. The sharing of knowledge and good practice and disseminating it to member countries and the wider world of physiotherapy can only help us all. As I have been in private practice for many years I know the value of having a good business sense and will continue  to help  the  executive  promote  the  gathering  of  data  which  helps  our  members understand the diversity that exists within each country and to learn from each other. I have extensive knowledge of professional practice, education, regulation and research in the various roles I have undertaken within the profession in the UK and bring this expertise to the work of the executive committee of IPPTA. Strategic planning is seen as essential within professional organisations and to work effectively across different countries and cultures, IPPTA has to continue to forward plan for the future. I feel that my skills and experience of working at a strategic level  within my own member organisations in the  UK are of  benefit to aid the organisation in achieving this. In my new role as commercial officer I hope to help IPPTA to maintain it's ability financially, to achieve its aims and objectives.