Executives - Marc Chevalier

Marc Chevalier

Organisation Representative

In 2009, I joined for the first time the IPP(T)A Regional Meeting in Cape Town as the Swiss representative. Since then I participated five times. It has always been a great pleasure and a major source of inspiration. Thanks to the exchange  with  representatives  from  other  nations  I  recognized,  despite diverse health care systems and different cultures, all the problems are more or less the same. However, the frame conditions of these problems are not alike. The same problem is named variously in different health care systems. Health is man's most valuable asset! This is probably why I am pretty keen on working as a physio- therapist. I appreciate also the various facets of our job. We have to focus on our patients without losing sight of the aspects beyond the walls of our practice. How health care systems evolve is crucial. At this point IPPTA provides a valuable source of support. We do not have to reinvent the wheel anew. Learning from each other is fundamental, if we want to make strategic decisions efficiently. In my opinion, one major point is building bridges between the cultures. Only together we will succeed. On one hand, success does always have to be measured by patient satisfaction. On the other hand, all solutions must be economically. A solution we can’t afford is no solution. The  last  IPPTA  Regional  Meeting  in  Auckland  motivated  me  to  apply  for  a position  in  the Executive Committee (EC). I will make use of my strengths to foster the development of IPPTA. As an owner of several private practices, I am used to combine visionary thinking, down to earth solutions and fast implementation of ideas.