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Dates: Monday 5th November at 09.00 -17.00 and Tuesday 6th November 09.00-17.00 Location: The Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs
Registration: Please send one form per person attending

As you know the format of the meeting will be different this year with 3 workshops instead of mem- ber organisation presentations. The executive would like you to discuss the topics with your organi- sation in advance so that when you come you will bring the ideas and opinions of your organisation not just your personal opinions.

The topics of the 3 workshops will be:

1. The Value Perception of Private Physical Therapy by External Stake Holders.

It is common knowledge that professional physical therapy organisations struggle to demon- strate the value of physical therapy when entering into discussions and negotiations with funders of health services and other decision-making bodies influencing private physical therapy practice. This might be due to a general trend of funders and other external role- players to focus on short term cost saving solutions and models and not necessary on long term effects of these models. We, as a profession, need to be able to demonstrate the short and long-term value of physical therapy and change the perception that physical therapy is not an essential medical service of value. A change in the value perception of physical ther- apy services will assist professional associations when negotiating with regulators, funders and other external stakeholders, for improved patient benefits, treatment guidelines and re- muneration for private physical therapy services.

During this workshop the discussion will focus on:

  • How can external stakeholders be influenced to change their value perception ofphysical therapy services?
  • Why is this needed?
  • How can we, as IPPTA members, share resources, knowledge and experience andnot re-invent the wheel?


2. The Value Perception of Private Physical Therapy Organisation by their members.

Some common challenges expressed by IPPTA MOR’s at previous IPPTA meetings were:

  • Members apathy
  • Difficulty experienced with committee succession planning.The discussion at this worship will focus on common challenges within member organisa- tions, sharing of experiences, resources and success stories to enable you as the leaders of your private sector to demonstrate and improve the value perception of your organisation to your members.

3. The Value Perception of IPPTA by IPPTA members and their parent organisation.

Some of our MOR’s have voiced concerns that their parent organisations and/or their private practice sector committee and members do not always perceive the value of belonging to IPPTA.
The focus of this workshop will be to get an understanding of your value perception of IPPTA with robust discussions. This will enable the executive committee to make strategic plans to ensure that IPPTA stays relevant and valuable for all MOR’s and their parent organisation. A fuller understanding of the value perception of IPPTA by its current members will help the executive committee to grow the membership by promoting the advantages of membership of IPPTA as perceived by its current members.

As you can see you all have some homework to do. You are welcome to email me if anything is not clear on the format or topics of the workshops of the 2018 IPPTA regional meeting.

Wilma Erasmus IPPTA ChairmanIndependently Togetherippta@private.physio www.private.physio


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