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  • August 24, 2018

Physiotherapy Business Growth believes that physiotherapy is one of the most rewarding professions. We can make a positive impact on people’s lives, which can often positively affect family dynamics. However, we also believe that we are nowhere near remunerated enough for the immense good we do for communities and society. The reason Physiotherapy Business Growth was created, was to give back to our wonderful profession by helping those in private practice achieve the success they deserve. Physiotherapy Business Growth provides programs and business content to help private practice business owners thrive.

John Davie, the founder and CEO, comes from an elite sports and business background, having represented New Zealand in sport for over 13 years as a player and then went on to coach several different sports to an elite level in both New Zealand and Australia. John created New Zealanders largest practice in a three-year timeframe, which grew to twice as big as New Zealand’s next biggest within a five-year period. He’s spent the last 35 years studying both success principles and the underlying ideologies, strategies and nuances that create physiotherapy business success.

Physiotherapy Business Growth has been created through the wisdom passed down from numerous high performing physiotherapy business owners, who have shared and often collaborated to produce information, resources and business acumen to help others succeed. Credit has to also go to the many elite practices from around the world, that allowed us to go and analyse why they are successful. Everybody that has contributed to making Physiotherapy Business Growth successful have done so because they wanted to give back to the profession, which has given them so much joy and success.

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