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Project Description

Fisiocrem designs products specifically for the physical therapist technical needs and with the whole family in mind, to be safely used on any patient from children to the elderly, taking advantage of what nature has to offer: the perfect mix of natural plant extracts of arnica montana, hypericum perforatum, calendula officinalis and melaleuca alternifolia traditionally known for their soothing and toning virtues.

 Fisiocrem Solugel is the effective and natural soothing solution for the family for use on tense and contracted areas like the neck, shoulders, legs and back.

Massaging Fisiocrem Solugel into the tense areas leaves them feeling refreshed and revitalised after daily exercise or intense physical effort.

 Designed exclusively for Professional Therapists, Fisiocrem Massage comes in a pump to make the therapist work easier with a handy and hygienic format, coupled with an enhanced texture to facilitate hands-on therapy. Our ideal active quartet are powered by olive oil to prolong the massaging capacity of Fisiocrem.

 Fisiocrem is already used every day by thousands of physical therapists around the world.


Move Freely, Move Naturally

More Information

Fisiocrem Massage is available in 750ml pumps

Fisiocrem Solugel is available in 60ml and 250ml tubes

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