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Project Description
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  • January 4, 2019

CareConnections is an outcomes tracking and optimization system for practice management and focused patient-centered care.Practitioners see real-time, risk-adjusted patient progress compared to national averages. Owners get comprehensive reports, including patient satisfaction and NPS, by practitioner and clinic. Use data to manage staff, improve patient care and market to referral sources and the public.


  • One validated functional outcomes measure– this makes for simple training and effective comparisons.
  • Immediate data for clinicians– from the first assessment, clinicians get risk-adjusted projected functional change, pain change and number of visits for effective expectation setting. As further assessments are collected, the data is updated so progress can be tracked.
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey– gather information from the patient’s entire experience including your facility, office and clinical staff, their satisfaction with their progress and how likely they are to recommend you.
  • Comprehensive reporting– we offer customizable reports on clinician performance, clinic performance, patient satisfaction and completed plans of care. We also offer one-on-one support to help you focus on the right data.

Electronic collection– you can email the assessments or have patients complete them in the office on a tablet saving staff time on needless data entry.

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