Thank you to every member organisation that invested time and money to send delegates to the 13thgeneral meeting of IPPTA and to each delegate who took time out of their personal schedule to attend the meeting in Geneva Switzerland. Active participation and commitment of the IPPTA membership made this meeting such a success. Only 2 of our 21-member organisations could not be present at the GM. It was extremely nice to see old friends and acquaintances again and to make new friends. A special warm thanks to AEK, Desert Flower and Sissell for the financial contribution to this meeting.

Good governance provides the vision and direction to ensure that an association is on the right path. With this in mind all the proposed changes to the IPPTA constitution has been accepted by the general meeting, making the IPPTA constitution an effective governance document, enabling IPPTA to achieve its mission- related goals.

The outgoing IPPTA committee of 2019 has demonstrated flexibility during their tenure with regards to skills and leadership. Their individual skill and experience were offered and used for tasks that were notalways within the “job description” of their position on the committee. Like true team players eachcommittee member knew when to lead and when to follow while keeping the objectives of IPPTA in sight. I am humbled and proud to say that I was part of the IPPTA executive committee from 2015 -2019.“Margaret, Denis, Tim and Marc. Thank you for your trust in me as chair and your dedication to IPPTA the past 4 years.

The 2019 -2023 IPPTA executive committee are as follows: Wilma Erasmus -Chair, Pam Simpson- Vice Chair, Tim Németh -Treasurer, Samantha Dunbar – Secretary and Marc Chevalier – Additional EC member. Margaret Revie has been co-opted as the commercial officer of IPPTA.

“Do not measure success by today’s harvest. Measure success by the seeds you plant today” Robert Louis Stevenson. The new IPPTA committee will have to look after the seeds sown before and ensure that a good harvest yield comes from it until 2023”.

The current membership of IPPTA stands at 21 organisations; from 17 in 2015. The 2019 GM approved the membership of Malawi and Austria. May your membership be of value to your organisation, your members and our member. The Namibian Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) is at this stage a member- elect and a motion to accept the NSP as a full member will be circulated to the IPPTA membership soon.

Currently IPPTA has 9 commercial partners, resulting in an alternative income stream for IPPTA benefiting each member organisation. Margaret Revie, IPPTA Commercial Partner Officer will be focusing on recruitment and retention of commercial partners for IPPTA by improving the value proposition of IPPTA to these partners.

The draft document The Value of Private Physical Therapy for External Stakeholders was discussed at the IPPTA business meeting on the 10th of May 2019. This position document and actions discussed at the meeting will be finalised within the next 3 months. This should be a document that every member organisation could use to prove the value, cost effectiveness and relevance of our services globally.

The increasing number of commercial companies willing to partner with IPPTA and the increase in membership is proof that IPPTA as an organisation is staying relevant, moving with change and is proving of value to member organisations and commercial partners alike. But as we know, value is an ever- changing perception and the next EC cannot afford to become complacent. The EC is in the process of drafting a 4-year strategic plan for IPPTA.

The achievements of IPPTA in the last 4 years is just the stepping stones of IPPTA to become MORE in the next 4 years:

  • MORE relevant, less political
  • MORE knowledge and skill-based
  • MORE meaningful value, that will leverage volunteer resources
  • MORE strategically-focused, mission related and action-oriented meetings
  • MORE assistance to ensure that private physical therapy can compete in value and quality globally
  • MORE and effective multi-directional engagement and communication with and betweenmembers
  • MORE IPPTA, by becoming the organisation we are meant to be.

                           While having MORE fun

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