Welcome to the new IPPTA Website.

Welcome to the new IPPTA Website.

It is with great excitement that we launch our new IPPTA website:  www.private.physio The website has a new modern look and feel with exciting new functionalities.

Our theme of IPPTA for 2018 is “Value addition. The executive committee is positive that our new website will add value to our members, commercial partners and anybody seeking more information about the business of private physical therapy.

As the international body for physical therapy private practice and the official subgroup of WCPT, IPPTA understands the importance of continual innovation. We are excited to connect our brand with the profession’s new digital identity “. physio. By adopting this new technology and utilizing the branded navigation opportunity it provides, we can demonstrate our leadership and maintain relevance to the membership.

Our new website address  www.private.physio is shorter, more relevant and more memorable; plus, easier to say and type. By combining our key brand ‘private‘ with . physio” we are able to tell people who we are, what we do and where to go for more information in just a few words.

Some of the new functionalities of the website are:

  • Our brand-new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ipptaworld has also been launched and is linked to the website.   The aims of this platform are to promote the benefits of physical therapy to the public and to create an open communication platform for private physical therapists.  This will be a valuable platform for a two- way sharing of information and connecting physical therapists worldwide.
  • There is a member only area on the website where all the information like minutes, documentation, projects and surveys and presentations of past IPPTA meetings will be stored. It is a resource platform for our members, accessible as and when needed.
  • Potential IPPTA members can also obtain information on membership with a few clicks.
  • The IPPTA commercial partners page offers our partners a direct link from our page to their website and social media platforms, therefore bringing the services of our commercial partners a click away from their clients- physical therapists working in private practice worldwide.

Sincere thanks to every member of the executive committee and our website developers CompuTweak who worked hard behind the scenes to create the new website.  Please go and like our Facebook page and scroll through our website. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Wilma Erasmus IPPTA Chairman

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